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UNSLib Website New Feature

UNS One Search

One-search facility to find out the right books, journals and references among:

  1. OPAC (printed books within UNS Central Library)
  2. Eprints dan Digilib (e-document format of theses from UNS undergraduate, postgraduate dan doctoral students)
  3. Research conducted by UNS lecturers, students and librarians
Direct Search


Search printed books collections, within UNS Central Library. See how to use it, here

2. UNS Digital Library

Search e-Document format of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral thesis, and also research collection held by civitas academica of UNS. See how to use it, here

3. UNS Institutional Repository

Search e-Document format of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral thesis, and also research collection held by civitas academica of UNS, comply with e-Prints international standard

KIN & Indonesia One Search

1. Katalog Induk Nasional (KIN)

Indonesia national library catalog covering at least 3.390.948 book collections spread within around 187 library which consist of national libraries, province libraries, public libraries and university libraries

2. Indonesia One Search

Indonesia National Library search and proxy engine covering collections of:

  • books, newspapers, transcript, newsletter, magazine, reference, proceedings
  • e-journal, repositories, web resources, video streaming, data set, electronic resources, etc

collected from Citeseer, PubMed Central, E-LIS, Indonesia National Library, university library and public library. It crawls tens of millions of detailed catalog, abstract, links. And it still growing..

Journals: ISJD & Portal Garuda

1. Indonesia Scientific Journal Database

Journal database provided by Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI)

2. Portal Garuda

Journal database provided by Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science (IAES) Indonesia Section.

The Indonesian Publication Index (IPI) is designed for browsing, indexing, abstracting, monitoring and improving the standard of scholarly publications in Indonesia. Currently, there are over 3000 Indonesian journals for inclusion in the IPI database.

Exploring Collections


Read this first and find out how to explore and select the right books, journals and references among thousands of our collections

Special Collections

Java and Dutch Corner collections; Thesis; Reference and Multimedia collections. Browse here!

Exploring the World


Exploring the world and find the greatness of Indonesia through library collection!

Special Resources


Articles from our Professors and Librarians; list of online newspaper and magazine website, libraries in Indonesia, etc