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All Collections

Like other university libraries, the collection of UNS Library has increased yearly. Both received through purchases with DIP/DRK/DUE funds and gifts. The types of collections owned by UPT Sebelas Maret University Library are as follows:


Javanese Collection

Javanese collection is a collection whose subject matter/subject is Java, which concerns its place, language, and culture. This collection includes Javanese literature, Javanese history, and Javanese culture/art written in various languages and given the code J above the classification number. This collection is placed in the new building on the 3rd floor.


Dutch Collection

Dutch collection is a grant from the Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen (KIT), the Netherlands. This collection is a grant from UNS in collaboration with KIT, the Netherlands. This collection includes history, constitutional and administrative systems, and laws in the era of colonialism, including development and economic activities. In addition, there is also a collection of research and journals about Indonesia from Dutch and Indonesian scientists. This collection is coded DUTCH above its classification number. This collection and the Javanese collection are placed in the new building on the 3rd floor.


Japanese Collection

This collection and Javanese and Dutch collections are housed in the new building on the 3rd floor.


Reference Collection

A reference collection is a reference collection. Due to its nature, the user only reads this reference collection partially, and only the desired information is taken. This collection includes dictionaries, encyclopedias, manuals, almanacs, yearbooks, atlases, directories, statistical data, regulations/laws, and biographies. The main feature of this collection is that there is a letter R above the classification number. The reference collection is only read on the spot or photocopied. The collection is available on the first floor of the north.


Thesis Collection

The thesis collection is the final scientific work of students in completing their studies. This collection is coded S for undergraduate thesis and TH for master thesis above its classification number and placed on the second floor to the west. This collection can only be read on the spot.


Closed Reserve (CR) Collection

A closed reserve collection is a backup collection. This collection is the first copy of the public collection. The purpose of developing this collection is that if the general collection has been borrowed, then this collection can be used by users. This collection is only read on the spot or borrowed before an official government holiday, and the morning after the holiday, the book must be returned (Holiday Loan). While the placement is on the second floor east, and the service system used is close access.


Collection of Periodicals/Serials/Journals

Periodicals are serialized publications, either scientific or popular, published by professional organizations or private or government entities at home and abroad. This collection occupies the first floor of the west.


General Collection (circulation)

General collections (circulation) are general collections covering various disciplines in Indonesian, English, and other foreign languages. The collection is housed in the old building of the east wing library and new buildings starting on the 4th, 5th, and 6th floors. Full details of the location of the collection can be seen here

Users can borrow this collection to take home with the following conditions:

1. Come in person

2. Show your library membership card

The number of collections that can be borrowed is a maximum of 7 copies with a loan period of 1 (one) week. Especially for lecturers, the loan period is 2 (two) weeks. Suppose it is desired to extend the loan period. In that case, the collection can be extended for a maximum of 2 (two) times the loan period, provided that the book to be extended is brought to be processed by the staff or via Telegram application.