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Become a Member

As a UNS student, the use of library services can be divided into the following stages:
1. Register as a member
2. Borrowing, extending, and returning books
3. Make a special loan
4. Self-uploading the final project

Membership activation conditions are:

  1. Library members are academics at Sebelas Maret University, both students, staff, and lecturers.
  2. Show student cards and employee/lecturer identity cards to the officer.
  3. Fill in/complete the membership activation requirements.

Type of Membership:

  1. Kartu Sakti (member of FKP2TN)
  2. General
  3. Cooperation

The terms of the loan are:

  1. Borrowers who come alone (cannot be represented).
  2. The borrower must bring a library membership card.
  3. The loan period is 1 (one) week for students and 2 (two) weeks for lecturers.
  4. The borrower ensures that the officer has processed the book to be borrowed and has been stamped with the return date.

Layanan Anjungan Peminjaman Mandiri (APM) hanya tersedia untuk koleksi buku lantai 3, lantai 4, dan lantai 5.


The terms of the extension are:

  1. The collection extension is carried out a maximum of 2 times.
  2. Each extension is the same as the loan period, which is 1 (one) week.
  3. Collections that will be extended must be brought and handed over to the officer for processing.
  4. Collections that are late will be subject to fines according to applicable regulations.
  5. The borrower ensures that the book to be extended has been processed and has been stamped with the date of return by the officer.

As of September 2, 2019, the service for extending book lending via SMS has been discontinued and transferred to services using the Telegram application.

Register by:

  1. Open the Telegram application.
  2. Search for and add the “UNS library” bot or scan the QR code in the image below
  3. Type: /start
  4. Type: reg#member_number
    member_number for students of class 2018 and earlier in the form of a number on the Library Membership Card barcode, while for students of the class of 2020, member_number is NIM
  5. After registration, “activate” the Telegram notification in the Membership Section on floor 1 of the UNS Library by bringing your Student Card or Library Card


Terms of return are:

  1. Collections to be returned are handed over to the officer.
  2. Collections may be returned by themself or represented.
  3. Collections that are late in returning are subject to fines according to applicable regulations.



There are 3 (three) indicators of book damage:

  1. Slightly damaged, the book is slightly torn on the inside and on the cover of the book
  2. Moderate damage, lost book barcode, missing pages less than three sheets
  3. Severely damaged, the binding book is damaged, wet, and missing three pages or more.


  1. Slightly damaged, the borrower is warned orally and written in the membership record.
  2. Moderately damaged borrowers are not allowed to borrow books for one month.
  3. Heavily damaged, borrowers are not allowed to borrow books for three months.



The provisions for replacing lost books are:

  1. The book is replaced according to the original
  2. If nothing matches the original, consider: replaced with a book with the same subject/book content, the year of publication is the same or later, or the number of pages is the same or more

If the lost book is in a foreign language/English and is not available in the bookstore, it can be replaced with a photocopy of the original book two times, bound in hardcover, and added one new local book with the same subject.

The maximum period for replacing lost books is two weeks.


When a book or other item needed by a registered borrower is checked out, unavailable for some other reason, or not owned by the UNS library, you may request that it be borrowed from another library by filling out a printed inter-library loan request.

In UNS Library, you may request this material by using SAKTI Card (Kartu Sakti), which can be requested in the Book Return Division (1st floor, Main Building). SAKTI Card can only be used to read and copy books at University Libraries which become a member of FKP2TN



Borrowing conditions for TA/Thesis/Thesis/Dissertation exams:

  1. The borrower comes in person by submitting proof of the TA/Thesis/Thesis/Dissertation examination. This evidence can be in the form of invitations to examiners, notices that exams will be held, and the like stating that the student will take the TA/Thesis/Thesis/Dissertation exam on the day, date, and place of the exam.
  2. Have a library membership card.
  3. The number of collections that may be borrowed is 10 (ten) copies, including a maximum of 3 (three) backup books/CR.
  4. The loan period is 3 (three) days, except for the reserve book/CR 1 (one) day.
  5. The library membership card and proof of holding the exam are kept by the officers.
  6. Late fines according to applicable regulations.
  7. If the book has been returned and has been processed by the officer, the borrower is welcome to take the identity/membership card of the UNS Library UPT and proof of holding the TA/Thesis/Thesis/Dissertation exam to the officer.



Going on holiday? Take your Library with you!

With a holiday loan, you can borrow books at closing hours before holidays, and you may bring special collections which are not allowed to borrow at regular periods. But remember, you must return the book exactly in the morning (09.00 WIB) after the holidays end, or you have to pay some fine. You can ask for more detail about holiday loans and the fines with our librarians.

Some collections you can borrow for holiday loans are Closed Reserve collection, and Dutch collections.