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Subscription 2013
1 Algorithmic Algebraic Number Theory M. Pohst & H. Zassenhaus 2013
2 Field Theories of Condensed Matter Physics
2nd Edition
Eduardo Fradkin 2013
3 Language and Gender 2nd Edition Penelope Eckert, Sally McConnell-Ginet 2013
4 Optical Magnetometry Dmitry Budker, Derek F. Jackson Kimball 2013
5 Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete: Analysis and Design with Emphasis on Application of AS3600-2009 Yew-Chaye Loo, Sanaul Chowdhury 2013
6 Writing and Society An Introduction Florian Coulmas 2013
7 Advanced Aircraft Flight Performance Antonio Filippone 2012
8 Analysis of Aircraft Structures: An Introduction Bruce K. Donaldson 2012
9 Data-Intensive Computing
Architectures, Algorithms, and Applications
Ian Gorton, Deborah K. Gracio 2012
10 How Language Began: Gesture and Speech in Human Evolution David McNeill 2012
11 Interpreting Figurative Meaning Raymond W. Gibbs, Jr, Herbert L. Colston 2012
12 Stochastic Dynamics of Marine Structures Arvid Naess, Torgeir Moan 2012
13 The Cambridge Handbook of Language Policy Bernard Spolsky 2012
14 The Morality of Knowledge in Conversation Part of Studies in Interactional Sociolinguistics Tanya Stivers, Lorenza Mondada, Jakob Steensig 2012
15 Words at Work and Play Three Decades in Family and Community Life Shirley Brice Heath 2012
16 Analysing Variation in English Warren Maguire, April McMahon 2011
17 Atomic Astrophysics and Spectroscopy Anil K. Pradhan, Sultana N. Nahar 2011
18 Citizens, Politics and Social Communication R. Robert Huckfeldt & John Sprague 2011
19 Communicating Affection Interpersonal Behavior and Social Context Kory Floyd 2011
20 Communicating Social Support Daena J. Goldsmith 2011
21 Computational Nanoscience
Applications for Molecules, Clusters, and Solids
Kálmán Varga, Joseph A. Driscoll 2011
22 Concepts and Methods of 2D Infrared Spectroscopy Peter Hamm & Martin Zanni 2011
23 Conversation and Gender Susan A. Speer, Elizabeth Stokoe 2011
24 Electronic and Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Fundamentals and Case Studies
Andrew M. Ellis, Miklos Feher, Timothy G. Wright 2011
25 Introduction to Nonlinear Optics Geoffrey New 2011
26 Leveraging Corporate Responsibility The Stakeholder Route to Maximizing Business and Social Value C. B. Bhattacharya, Sankar Sen & Daniel Korschun 2011
27 Mathematical Explorations with MATLAB K. Chen, Peter J. Giblin,           A. Irving, 2011
28 Memory as a Programming Concept in C and C++ Frantisek Franek 2011
29 Middle EgyptianAn Introduction to the Language and Culture of Hieroglyphs James P. Allen 2011
30 Modern Syntax A Coursebook Andrew Carnie 2011
31 Semantics and Logics of Computation Andrew M. Pitts & P. Dybjer 2011
32 Set Theory, Arithmetic, and Foundations of Mathematics Theorems, Philosophies Juliette Kennedy & Roman Kossak 2011
33 Spectroscopy of Molecular Rotation in Gases and Liquids A. I. Burshtein & S. I. Temkin 2011
34 Structural Impact Norman Jones 2011
35 The Art and Science of Lightning Protection Martin A. Uman 2011
36 The Cambridge Handbook of Sociolinguistics Part of Cambridge Handbooks in Language and Linguistics Rajend Mesthrie 2011
37 The Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
A Sourcebook
Derek Partridge, University of Exeter, Yorick Wilks 2011
38 Acquiring Phonology A Cross-Generational Case-Study Part of Cambridge Studies in Linguistics Neil Smith 2010
39 Complex Predicates Cross-linguistic Perspectives on Event Structure Mengistu Amberber, Brett Baker, Mark Harvey 2010
40 Erosion and Sedimentation Pierre Y. Julien 2010
41 From Classical to Quantum Mechanics
An Introduction to the Formalism, Foundations and Applications
Giampiero Esposito, Giuseppe Marmo, George Sudarshan 2010
42 Investigations in Sociohistorical Linguistics Stories of Colonisation and Contact Peter Trudgill 2010
43 Language Diversity in the USA Kim Potowski 2010
44 Linguistics at School Language Awareness in Primary and Secondary Education Kristin Denham, Anne Lobeck 2010
45 Magnetism and Magnetic Materials  J. M. D. Coey 2010
46 Meaning in the Media: Discourse, Controversy and Debate Alan Durant 2010
47 Principles and Practice of Social Marketing An International Perspective  Rob Donovan & Nadine Henley 2010
48 Cambridge Handbook of Culture, Organizations, and Work Rabi S. Bhagat & Richard M. Steers 2009
49 Cycles of Spin Strategic Communication in the U.S. Congress Patrick Sellers 2009
50 Mathematics for Physics
A Guided Tour for Graduate Students
Michael Stone, Paul Goldbart 2009
51 On-Line Learning in Neural Networks : Part of Publications of the Newton Institute David Saad 2009
52 Pattern Formation and Dynamics in Nonequilibrium Systems Michael Cross & Henry Greenside 2009
53 A First Course in the Numerical Analysis of Differential Equations
2nd Edition
Arieh Iserles 2008
54 Communication Across Cultures: Mutual Understanding in a Global World Heather Bowe, Kylie Martin 2007
55  Communication in Medical Care Interaction between Primary Care Physicians and Patients John Heritage & Douglas W 2006
56 Chaotic Dynamics
An Introduction Based on Classical Mechanics
Tamás Tél & Márton Gruiz 2006
57 Classical Mechanics R. Douglas Gregory 2006
58 Media Concentration and Democracy: Why Ownership Matters C. Edwin Baker 2006
59 Narrative and Media Helen Fulton, Rosemary Huisman, Julian Murphet, Anne Dunn 2006
60 The Cambridge Handbook of Personal Relationships Ed : Anita L. Vangelisti & Daniel Perlman, 2006
61 Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics
For Solid State Electronics and Optics
C. L. Tang 2005
62 X-rays in Atomic and Nuclear Physics
2nd Edition
N. A. Dyson 2005
63 Coastal Processes with Engineering Applications Robert G. Dean, Robert A. Dalrymple 2004
64 Cognition and Communication at Work Ed : Yrjo Engeström & David Middleton, 1998
65 Inter-cultural Communication at Work Cultural Values in Discourse Michael Clyne 1996
66 Complex Analysis and Algebraic Geometry
A Collection of Papers Dedicated to K. Kodaira
W. L. Jr Baily, T. Shioda 1970