Penghentian Aktivitas Penggunaan Sarana Prasarana UPT Perpustakaan UNS

Sehubungan dengan adanya surat pemberitahuan penghentian aktivitas penggunaan sarana dan prasarana kampus UNS nomor 2454/UN27/TU/2020 maka dengan ini diberitahukan bahwa semua sarana dan prasarana di gedung perpustakaan ditutup sampai dengan tanggal 31 Juli 2020 termasuk sarana dan prasarana Museum, International Office dan Fintech Center yang ada di gedung perpustakaan.


Kepala UPT Perpustakaan UNS

Burhanuddin Harahap, S.H., M.H., M.SI., Ph.D.


FREE ACCESS: Open access e-book dan e-journal serta temporary access dari Cambridge Core

Cambridge Core memberikan layanan open access e-journal dan e-book yang berifat “permanent free” dan bisa dicari melalui link di bawah ini:

Selain itu, Cambridge juga memberikan akses yang bersifat “temporarily free” selama masa pandemi Covid-19 melalui link:

FREE ACCESS: Program dari Cambridge Core dan Springer selama masa pandemic Covid-19

Cambridge Core

Cambridge Core  memberikan akses free trial e-book dan e-journal s.d 31 Mei 2020 dengan autentikasi password. Untuk mendapatkan username dan password akses Cambridge Core, silakan hubungi Bambang Hermanto (0857-2561-3127) atau Humas Perpustakaan (0813-9070-4141)




Springer memberikan akses free e-book  s.d akhir Juli 2020 tanpa password

1. E-Book, 407 judul English + 67 German


2. E-Book + Book Chapter, 8510 judul English + 2254 German


FREE ACCESS: e-Journal dan e-Book dari publisher khusus topik Covid-19

Selama masa pandemic Covid-19, beberapa publisher memberikan free access e-journal dan e-book khusus yang terkait dengan tema Covid-19, yaitu:

Cambridge (free access):

TnF (free access):

Elsevier (free access):

Springer (free access):

Sage (free access):

JSTOR (free access):

(silakan hubungi Bambang Hermanto (0857-2561-3127) untuk mendapatkan akun dari Perpustakaan UNS)

Pemberitahuan Layanan Perpustakaan Selama Masa Darurat Covid-19

UPDATE: Sehubungan dengan pengumuman Kepala UPT Perpustakaan UNS, maka seluruh kegiatan di lingkungan UPT Perpustakaan UNS dihentikan sementara mulai tanggal 4 s.d. 10 November 2020

Sehubungan dengan masa darurat Covid-19 dengan ini kami beritahukan bahwa layanan Perpustakaan berikut ini dilakukan secara daring (online) berlaku mulai tanggal 30 Maret 2020 hingga waktu yang belum ditentukan sambil memperhatikan kondisi dan situasi yang berkembang.

1. Surat Keterangan Bebas Perpustakaan


2. Layanan Konsultasi


3. Kebijakan terkait denda peminjaman buku

WEBINAR: Research Integrity and Publishing Ethics, from Wiley Research

Everyone involved in research has a role to play in upholding the values of research integrity, no one stakeholder can do this alone. While clear policies and processes can have a positive effect on research integrity, other initiatives can help as well. 

Join Elizabeth Moylan, Publisher (Research Integrity and Publishing Ethics) at Wiley as she shares with you Open Research initiatives and current challenges from a publisher perspective. She will be talking about the top five issues in Research Integrity and Publishing Ethics – amending published literature, authorship issues, data concerns, plagiarism and potentially questionable research behaviour, with illustrative case studies.

Key Highlights:

  • Understand what is meant by research integrity and publishing ethics.
  • Learn about current challenges from a publisher’s perspective.
  • Understand how open research initiatives can have a positive impact on research integrity.

Time and Date: Tuesday, June 30, 2020; 3.00 PM – 4.00 PM Western Indonesia Time (WIB)

Registration link:

WEBINAR: Review Writing – Tips to be a better reviewer, from Emerald Publishing

Dear participants,

Thank you for your interest in joining the “Webinar: Review Writing – Tips to be a better reviewer” organized by Emerald Publishing (East Asia) and Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember.


  1. You MUST click and fill the registration form prepared by Emerald Publishing above to join the webinar using GoToWebinar platform.
  2. Make sure that you provide all the requested information on the registration form correctly, especially YOUR NAME because it will be used for your e-certificate which will be automatically generated and sent to you by the GoToWebinar system.
  3. You are obliged to observe every ethical necessity during the webinar. You are requested to switch off audio/video at all times to avoid any interruptions to the event.
  4. E-certificate will be provided to all attendants who attend the webinar until the end. It will be delivered to the you via the email which you registered with after the event.

We hope you will find this webinar useful and learn from the speakers’ experience. We look forward to seeing you during the webinar.

Stay safe and healthy! Thank you.

Best regards, Emerald Publishing Team (East Asia)

Registration link:

WEBINAR: Publication Opportunities in Scopus and WOS Indexed Journal from Emerald Publishing (NEWLY ADDED: Seminar’s Presentation Link)

This webinar #askEditor Part 1 is a collaboration program between Research Synergy Foundation, Sarawak Research Society (SRS), Emerald Publishing, and Pampanga Research Educators Organization (PREO) Philippines.  Registration will be closed on June 2, 2020. All the meeting ID and Password will be emailed 2 days before webinar (June 3, 2020).

Click here for registration:

Seminar’s presentation link:


WEBINAR: Academic Publishing Webinars for Asia from Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press will be hosting a series of webinars from May to August 2020 that focuses on academic publishing. Each webinar looks at a different topic, covering all you need to know about publishing journal articles and academic books.

Click here for details:

Perpustakaan UNS menggelar Kelas Workshop Literasi Informasi

Solo – Perpustakaan Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta akan menyelenggarakan Workshop Literasi Informasi dengan tema “Manajemen Referensi berbasis Mendeley” yang akan diselenggarakan pada Kamis tanggal 27 Pebruari 2020,  bertempat di ruang Werkudara Lantai 2 Perpustakaan UNS.
Kegiatan ini diselenggarakan untuk civitas akademika UNS (mahasiswa, dosen maupun tenaga kependidikan).
Workshop ini menghadirkan narasumber pustakawan UNS : 1. Haryanto, S.IP., M.IP., 2. Tri Satiawardana, S.T., M.A.

Peserta terbatas : 140 orang

Mohon maaf, kuota telah terpenuhi.



Materi Workshop Literasi Informasi “How To Access e-Resources” bisa diakses disini