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Consult a Librarian

The UNS Library provides services for students, lecturers, and researchers to consult on specific topics, as listed below.

One of the ways to build a higher education’s reputation is through the academic climate, especially the publication of scientific papers.
The library, as a learning center, provides scientific publication services as a medium of communication (joint study/consultation) between librarians and academics. Scientific publication services include:

  1. Selecting the target of reputable scientific journals
  2. Evaluation of the quality of the Journal

Turnitin is an online service that detects plagiarism in an essay or academic work to check originality. There are 3 Turnitin accounts, namely:

An administrator is a staff whose job is to control certain accounts at Turnitin, activate/deactivate results on an account, change settings, and add or remove instructor accounts.

Instructors are the term used for lecturers, teachers, or assistants whose job is to assist students in using Turnitin or parties who are authorized to do so.

Students are users who can join a class created by an instructor. Student profiles can be added by the instructor in a class that is already joined, or students can also be given the authority to create their own accounts.

UNS Turnitin services can be seen on the following flyer:


In writing scientific papers in English, various aspects, including sentence structure and language structure, often become obstacles resulting in changes in meaning. Limited ability in terms of grammar among academics requires an application that can check and correct mistakes made by writers or translators.

Grammarly is a subscription application online grammar checker and spell checker in English structure and correcting mistakes in writing. Grammarly provides correct word recommendations if there are wrong words in the English grammar. Grammarly can be integrated into the Microsoft Word application, making it easier for users to check for errors in the English structure, provided that the computer must be connected to the internet (online).

In supporting the increase in the number of publications in international journals, UNS has subscribed to the Grammarly Business Application to be used by the academic community in checking the writing of scientific papers. Due to the limited number of subscribed Grammarly accounts, the UNS Library UPT provides a scientific work-checking service with the Grammarly application.