(This sitemap page is currently under development)

Sebelas Maret University Library is currently developing and running three major websites:

Hey.. it is this site!

Official website of UNS Library

Digital Library website store scientific paper from undergrad, postgraduate thesis and dissertation

UNSLA stand for UNS Library Automation.

Here you can browse UNS Library book collection. This site is currently under development to bring you more cheerful experience with UNS Library 😉

Content of this website:

  1. Research
    1. The search engine (UNS One Search)
    2. e-Journal (EBSCO, ProQuest, Cambridge, IGI Global, ScienceDirect, National Library of Indonesia, Emerald, Gale, Indonesia Directorate General of Higher Education)
    3. e-Books (Gale, SpringerLink, ProQuest Ebrary, Ebsco, IGI Global, Cambridge, Emerald, ScienceDirect)
      Complete list of e-books bought by UNS Library:

      1. Gale
      2. SpringerLink
      3. ProQuest Ebrary
      4. Ebsco
      5. IGI Global
      6. Cambridge
      7. Emerald
      8. ScienceDirect
    4. Free e-Journal
    5. Free e-Books
    6. Journal from Indonesia Ministries
    7. Journal from Indonesia Universities
    8. Research Guide (under development..)
    9. Using research tool: Turnitin (plagiarism checker tool) and Mendeley (reference manager)
    10. Information literacy
    11. Library terms, frequently used library and literature terms
  2. All about UNS Library
    1. News and events
    2. Library profiles staff and staff’s articles
    3. Services: Library regulation (borrowing and returning book) and Special Loan
    4. Statistics (librarians, book collections, new collections, library patrons, e-journal and e-book figures)
    5. Facilities
    6. Regulations regarding librarianship
    7. Out partners
    8. Library guidance: maps and opening hours, building directory
  3. Collections
    1. How to find collection you need (books, reference, magazine, journals, thesis, dissertation, etc)
    2. Generalities, religion and philosophy
    3. Social, humanity, economy and education
    4. Science, technology and health
    5. Art, culture and design
    6. Serials
    7. Reference
    8. Digital and special collections: Java collection and grants
    9. Closed reserve
  4. Features
    1. Indonesia literacy (knowledge resource about Indonesia from all around the globe)
    2. ASEAN literacy
    3. UNS literacy
    4. Javanese literacy
    5. UNS Professor’s inaugural lectures
    6. Guestbook