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Special collections

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Javanese collection

Javanese collection is a collection whose subject matter/subject is Java, which concerns its place, language, and culture. This collection includes Javanese literature, Javanese history, and Javanese culture/art written in various languages and given the code J above the classification number. This collection is placed in the new building on the 3rd floor.

Dutch Collections

Dutch collection is a grant from the Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen (KIT), the Netherlands. This collection is a grant from UNS in collaboration with KIT, the Netherlands. This collection includes history, constitutional and administrative systems, and laws in the era of colonialism, including development and economic activities. In addition, there is also a collection of research and journals about Indonesia from Dutch and Indonesian scientists. This collection is coded DUTCH above its classification number. This collection and the Javanese collection are placed in the new building on the 3rd floor.

Japanese collection and Javanese and Dutch collections are housed in the new building on the 3rd floor.

Meet us at 1st floor on north side of library old building!